With Audio Logic DJ, you’ll find that we do more than just
bring the music. Sure music is the key component, but our
DJs are also
skilled entertainers, event consultants,
reception coordinators and master of ceremonies all-in-one
Once the big day finally arrives, as a reception coordinator,
Audio Logic DJ will be there to keep everything flowing
smoothly, on time, and to your specifications. We’ll check
As entertainers, Audio
Logic DJ will provide you
with a diverse music
catalog that can be
tailored to fit your
specific tastes. From ,
your favorites to the “I
absolutely do not want
As event consultants, Audio Logic DJ will offer advice on
what will make your reception the best possible success
and walk you through the traditional events. Before your
to hear that song” – let us know and we’ll take it from there.
And (unless you prefer otherwise) we are always open to
the requests and dedications of your guests.
wedding, you and your fiancée will
have the opportunity to meet face-to-
face with your DJ. He will go through
your reception planner with you step-
by-step to make sure everything is
set to your exact needs. Should you
have a request that is “beyond the
traditional”, discuss it with your DJ
and he’ll make it happen.
You can
then rest assured knowing that the
same person you met with will be at  
your reception as well!
with photographers and
videographers to find out if
we can help in  capturing
those special moments. And
we’ll speak with caterers
and banquet staff to see if
there is
anything we can do to help make your day more perfect. In
fact, all you’ll need to do is enjoy yourself!

master of ceremonies, we are skilled at getting
involved without taking the attention away from you. We
understand that it’s your show, not ours!  You, your guests,
and your day are our highest priority!
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